School’s out for summer

I’m such an inconsistent blogger. On average, career bloggers post every five days. You’re lucky if you hear from me every five weeks so just as well this is not my chosen profession. If any of you are still out there and following me – hello!

As I’ve been living in Catania for just over two months now I ‘shoulda’ written about my first gig as an ESL teacher at the Tutto Lingue International Language Academy, of my day-to-day dealings with the naughtiest kids I’ve ever met, and some of the more challenging moments I’ve had butting heads with management. I am not a trouble maker I promise, just no longer willing to be treated unfairly. Needless to say, I haven’t been asked to return.

If I wasn’t so lazy I ‘woulda’ written about how great it has been to have a stable base, the beginnings of a real life, and some lovely people to actually do things with out of work hours. I’ve managed to visit a few local festivals and have been regularly going for aperitivi (plural) after work. Un aperitivo (singular) normally consists of an alcoholic beverage of your choice and some carb-loaded nibbles to whet your appetite and help keep you sober. Italians eat when they drink and hardly ever drink to excess. But with me one drink normally turns into two, and two into three… I am only half Italian after all.

And I ‘coulda’ written about how, after two consecutive winters, I am finally able to utter ‘un gelato per favore’ to local shopkeepers. Sicily is famous for gelato and granita and the homemade artigianale stuff is just heavenly. This week, on a short sojourn in Siracusa, I tried two new flavours – cassata and cannolo. Both are made using a fresh ricotta base and tasted exactly like the desserts they were named after… yum and double yum.

I ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ written about all these things in greater detail but it appears that I’m good at letting the moment pass and then find it hard to pick up thoughts and feelings again weeks later when I decide I should write something. I have however been keeping you up-to-date with my visual diary and hope you have been enjoying the photos as much as I love taking them.

So now that we are in the present, I can give you an update on where I’m at. The ESL teaching season is over so I’ve put away my whiteboard markers and coloured pieces of paper and am spending a significant amount of time scouring websites for jobs and sending lots of cold call emails to schools. I want to stay in Sicily but realise this may not be possible so am approaching other southern Italian regions as well. I’ve had a few interviews but as a newly qualified teacher I am a little nervous that I’m going to get piped at the post by those with more experience. School starts again mid September so hopefully I’ve some time to make a good impression.

Next month I will be working in the UK at an English summer camp in Malvern. Nervous and excited about something new, but so not interested in working too hard, I think it will be a good learning experience. The job goes well beyond teaching; there’ll be pastoral care, sporting events and excursions to hopefully some cool places. I’m in for one action packed month.

But now, right now – ora – a ‘gone to the beach’ sign is on my door. I’ve finally worked out Catania’s bus system to the playa, exactly where the decent beaches are, and am spending a considerable amount of time on the sand reading my novel and watching the Sicilians at play in the ocean… or at least how far in they’ll go without getting their hair wet or ruining their makeup. La dolce vita é arrivata…. finalmente.

Le Capannine, lido and village, Catania


3 thoughts on “School’s out for summer

  1. Better late than never. The adventure continues. I love that you’re going for aperitivi and not aperitivo. That’s the way to live. Have a spritz for me. x

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