Where’s Deanna?

I’m here! I haven’t written for ages – apologies. I know you’re all secretly hoping I’ve shacked up with a hot Italian stallion but my news is not that exciting I’m afraid. December was a very busy month, I spent a lot of it train-ing and plane-ing all over the countryside. I had a death in the family which was very sad and consumed a lot of my energy and thoughts, then I was ill for what seemed like – no it actually was – weeks. This left me pining for my mother’s home-made soups and someone to rub Vicks (namely hot Italian stallion) on my chest. After a visit to the Erboristeria I came home laden with herbal potions and began swigging regularly from a bottle of a really disgusting liquid made from bee pollen which I am sure has given me permanent heartburn. No, it is not the wine okay. Then came more travel and Christmas and New Year and not to forget La Befana on January 6 which all added about two inches to my waistline. Damn my uncle and all his delicious home-made small goods. And why the hell is it tradition to eat lentils and cotechino sausage at midnight on New Year’s Eve, which in my case, by the time I got home, was 4am! Do you know what’s in a cotechino? I do because I watched my dad make them for years, it’s all the crap bits that don’t make it into a regular sausage – fat, gristle and more fat.

After a job try-out and a small sojourn in Tuscany I am back in Rome and have given up dairy (as best I can, I am in Italy you know) and have finally unrolled the yoga mat I’ve been lugging around since I left. But now that the sales are on there is still no time for writing… hello new Mandarina Duck luggage and hot little Bialetti coffee maker! New shoes, new underwear, haircut. The money I’m saving on what I would have spent on cheese I’m spending on myself. Okay, and some. Change is coming. It’s almost time to crack open the Prosecco. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Where’s Deanna?

  1. I’m sure the hot italian man will be next month. And now that you mention prosecco….I think I need to find myself a spritz! Enjoy bella!

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