Daria’s cold and flu remedy

Daria, owner and manager of Vincuicci Farmstay, made this drink for me when I was feeling a bit run down.

In about 1 litre of water bring to the boil:

1 x onion, quartered
1 x carrot, roughly chopped
1 x apple, quartered
1 x fairly large piece of ginger

Simmer until the vegetables and apple are soft. Pass everything through a sieve, using a fork to mash the vegetables to extract as much liquid as possible.

To the liquid add the juice of two oranges (or lemons) and two decent dessert spoons of honey.

Drink several glasses while it is still fairly hot.

Got to bed and sweat it out.

I woke up feeling much better!

This recipe makes enough so you can reheat it and drink some more in the morning.

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